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As the premier hardwood floor service provider in Tampa, we offer a variety of services, including:

If your floors are old, worn, and deteriorated, our hardwood floors refinishing service is a fabulous choice. We can refinish most hardwood floors to make them look like new again. We can also change the color of most existing floors.

Besides complete refinishing, we can also offer screen and recoat services. These services are considered a natural area of hardwood care. This process typically only takes one-day and is entirely dust-free.

When considering hardwood installation, you have a variety of options. These options include pre-finished and site finished flooring. If you want to avoid sanding, staining, or sealing inside the home, the best choice is pre-finished hardwood planks.

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Pre-finished flooring is relatively new to the industry and comes with the stain and finish completed. It is delivered with color and finish applied at the factory, and we professionally install the planks for you. These types of planks are typically ¾’ thick and can be solid or engineered wood.

The top layer of these planks is 100% real wood, which means it can be sanded and refinished three to four times when needed. With site finished planks, our experts install the raw product and then sand and finish on site. This process allows the individual to choose the stain color while installed in the home.

If neither of these types of flooring appeals to you, we can also install custom flooring. If you have wood flooring with decorative patterns or reclaimed flooring or exotic flooring, we can install it without any issues.

Our hardwood floors repair is an excellent choice for almost every type of wood floor damage. Whether it is water damage, pet damage, burns, warping, or scratches, we can handle it. We also can help you decide if the damage is too extensive and the floor needs replacing. Call us today for more information.