Hardwood Floor Refinishing


The best benefits from hardwood floors are they are beautiful and they can last for centuries. Most homeowners understand that hardwood floors require a certain level of care and maintenance. However, some homeowners are unsure if it is time to sand and refinish their hardwood floors.

As professional flooring contractors Tampa FL, we encourage homeowners to call us if they see any of the following five signs.

Sign #1- Black Boards

If your wood floors Tampa FL are black, it is probably too late to fix the issue. Black boards come from pet stains and water damage. When you see black boards, you typically only have two options. The first option is to stain the entire floor dark enough to cover the stains.

The other option is to replace black boards. If you only notice one or two boards, this second option is a good choice. However, if the damage section is large, refinishing is the more affordable option. If you do not like dark stains, your only option is to replace the boards.

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Sign #2- Water Damage

The first signs of water damage are a separation of the boards. You may also notice some dark areas or black boards. Water damage comes from a variety of sources including overflowing toilets, mold/moisture in basement, leaking air conditioners, pets, water heater leak, or flooding.

If the boards are only starting to cupping, it is possible that hardwood floor sanding Tampa will fix the problem. On the other hand, if you notice black boards or major separation, the only choice may be to replace the planks or the entire floor. It is interesting to note, that depending on the cause of the water damage, your insurance may cover the price of hardwood floor refinishing Tampa.

Sign #3- Discoloration or Fading

Depending where your windows are located, you may notice sun damage to your wood. Sometimes you will notice that the floor’s color looks unhealthy or off. When your floors have discoloration or fading, it is probably time for wood floor refinishing Tampa.

Sign #4-Scratches

If you have multiple scratches in the floor, it may be time to have hardwood floor refinishing in Tampa. This fact is especially true when the scratches reach the stain. If you only notice a few minor scratches in your hardwood floors Tampa, a refinishing job is probably not required.

Sign #5- Grey Boards

If your hardwood is turning grey, it is definitely time to refinish. Once the boards turn black, you typically cannot preform hardwood floor refinishing Tampa. When the boards turn grey, they are crying for help before it is too late. As your wood planks age, the polyurethane begins to wear off. As it wears off, the boards can change color.

If the polyurethane is removed, the boards will easily absorb water causing damage. The wood takes the water in and it becomes oxidized and turns the gray. The more water a board absorbs, the darker the board will turn. If the board turns black, it must be replaced.

Depending on the damage caused by the five signs, it is possible to complete a screen and recoat instead of a complete refinish. This process is less invasive than a Tampa hardwood floor refinishing. It is also more affordable and takes less time.

However, this process is a preventative maintenance strategy and will not work if the scratches and other damage has reached through to the color. If your floors are badly damage, we will need to do hardwood floor sanding Tampa. We can evaluate your wood floors and provide you with the information necessary to determine which procedure is best for your situation. Please call today.