Hardwood Floor Installation


When having new hardwood flooring installation Tampa, you have the choice of engineered wood or solid wood. The best choice for you depends primarily on your preferences. Our expert technicians can provide valuable information to help you decide between the two.

Engineered Wood

Most individuals do not realize that engineered wood is actually made from real wood which allows it to maintain the natural timber appearance. However, some people believe that engineered wood has a distinct advantage over solid wood.

This type of wood flooring Tampa is made to be more dimensional stable while being resistant to normal wear and tear. The core of the engineered wood creates a strong structure bonded tightly together helping to prevent gapping.

When using engineered hardwood floors Tampa, it will add a warm, rich beauty to the room. This type of wood floors Tampa come in a wide array of wood species, plank widths, finishes, and stain colors. For example, you can choose between maple, hickory, oak, and an array of other species.

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As with solid wood, engineered wood is extremely durable and can be installed in any room of your home. It is also versatile and can be installed in any level of your home including the basement and over concrete stab subfloors.

While engineered Tampa hardwood flooring looks and feels similar to solid wood floors, they tend to be more durable as well as more affordable. However, it is vital to remember both types of wood floors have a variety of advantages and disadvantages.

When using engineered flooring, you can choose to have various different types of finishes including scraped, wire brushed, and distressed. As with wood floors, you can also sand and refinish this type of flooring. However, it can only be done once or twice depending on the plank.

When choosing between engineered and solid wood floors, Tampa flooring contractors will encourage you to remember the following about engineered hardwood flooring:

  • Engineered wood core backs solid hardwood
  • Durable
  • Variety of wood species
  • Optional various finishes
  • Installed over subfloors and concrete
  • Can be refinished

Solid Wood

When thinking of hardwood floors, many people would say that solid wood never goes out of style. It is definitely at the high end of flooring which greatly increases the value of the home. This fact makes it an excellent choice for a long-term investment.

Solid wood planks are made from a solid piece of wood which allows the floor to be refinished instead of being replaced. This wood is 100% hardwood without any additives. Being 100% hardwood makes solid wood a poor choice for the bathroom, kitchen, or any other room with water.

Solid wood requires less maintenance than engineered flooring because an occasional sweeping and light mopping are the only requirements.

If you own pets, solid hardwood floors are probably not the best choice for you. They are made from natural materials which means that they will scratch over time. Pet’s nails can increase the amount of scratching so it might be better to go with a more scratch-resistant flooring.

Over hundreds of years, the love of solid hardwood floors has not diminished. This sign of luxury and style has been used in homes around the world for years. Solid wood floors come with the assurance that they can last a lifetime giving you peace of mind.

When choosing between solid and engineered wood floors, you should remember the following about solid wood flooring Tampa:

  • High-quality, classic look
  • Single piece of wood
  • Sturdy
  • Can be refinished multiple times
  • Various wood species with distinct grains
  • Optional various finishes

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