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At Tampa Hardwood Floor Refinishing Solutions , we have been providing outstanding quality Wood Floor refinishing service in Tampa, Florida for years as a locally owned business. As leaders in our industry, we offer various product options, including customized, eco-friendly, and pre-finished products.

We can also provide you guidance in the cleaning and maintenance of a hardwood floor and offer various cleaning and caring products for wood flooring Tampa. While we specialize in wood floor refinishing Tampa, we also have experts for hardwood flooring installation Tampa.

As friends of our environment, we offer green flooring and finishes for hardwood floors Tampa Florida. We are also the best option in Tampa for dust-free services. We recognize that some individuals suffer from allergies or are sensitive to smells.

Our innovative equipment allows us to contain the dust from sanding to help remove irritants that bother your sensitivities or allergies. You can reach out to knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives with any questions you may have about Tampa hardwood flooring refinishing, installation, or repair.

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When looking for flooring contractors Tampa FL, it is best to use sure-fire tips for hiring the best contractor. The first tip is to be sure to get an estimate that can be accurately compared. Each contractor has their own way of giving estimates.

The best way to ensure you compare apples to apples is to ask each contractor to list all the steps required for the services performed. These details allow you to know exactly what the estimate covers. We are more than happy to give you an estimate that you can compare to any other assessment.

Another excellent tip when looking for Tampa flooring contractors is to get everything in writing. We can easily provide anything in writing because we believe it covers both our customers and us. It also eliminates misunderstandings.

You should also check the contractor’s references. We know that word of mouth is our strongest endorsement. With this in mind, we always try to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We welcome all potential customers to check our references.

One common mistake people make when it comes to wood floors Tampa is to go to a ‘big box’ store. While these types of stores are typically the cheapest option in the neighborhood, you have to remember that you may not get the same service level.

We are a professional hardwood floor installer, and by nature, we should be more knowledgeable and experienced than a big box store. We also require all of our technicians to undergo extensive training to ensure they are up-to-date on all current practices and procedures.

Our required training and experience allow all of our experts to give you professional results while providing knowledgeable advice making us your best option for a hardwood floor contractor. If you have any questions or concerns about our hardwood flooring services, feel free to contact one of our service providers today.

We Provide Wood Floor Refinishing Tampa Needs

We offer convenient hardwood floor refinishing Tampa. In the past, Tampa hardwood floor refinishing would be a dusty, lengthy process. With the advances in refinishing technology, our experts can refinish your hardwood quickly and almost dust-free.

During sanding, wood dust escapes into the air. Our professionals use innovative equipment and procedures to reduce the amount of dust floating around in the air. With these fantastic techniques and equipment, our services are the perfect choice for people who suffer from allergies.

If you would like to avoid the dust from sanding altogether, we also offer new hardwood installation. We offer pre-finished and site finished flooring in Tampa. We can quickly install a new hardwood floor with pre-finished flooring without any type of sanding, staining, or sealing.

However, if you want to choose the color or need to match a particular color, you can use the site-finished flooring. This type of hardwood comes untreated and raw. It requires sanding, staining, and sealing on-site.

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We also offer hardwood repair. We can help fix a variety of problems, including scratches, warping, and gouges. For more information about any of our services, please give us a call today. We are ready to be your premiere hardwood floors experts.

Wood Floor Refinishing Tampa Dreams About

At Hardwood Floors Refinishing Tampa, we provide you with a fast, easy, and affordable method to make your hardwood floors look new. With our excellent refinishing services, we can restore the natural beauty of your home’s wood floors.

Our experts utilize a wide array of refinishing methods to reduce the dust, odor, and mess associated with refinishing wooden floors. These same methods also reduce the amount of time required for an excellent refinishing job.

If you are worried about scratches, discoloration, or gouges in your hardwood floors, we are here for you. We can provide you with the most affordable, thorough hardwood floor refinishing service in Tampa. Call us today for more information about these services.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Tampa Is Looking For

With our hardwood floors installation, we can service both commercial and residential sites. We will work closely with you to ensure you get the perfect match for your site, regardless if it is an existing site or new construction.

Our experts are ready to provide you with a wide array of choices, including different wood species, style, and finish. After evaluating the site, we will provide you with a list of options, give an estimate, and schedule the installation.

With this effect system, you will not waste your valuable time or money waiting for us. We even offer support in maintenance and care after the installation is complete. For more information, call us today to schedule an appointment.

We Provide Hardwood Floor Repair Tampa Needs

When floor replacement is not affordable or refinishing will not solve the problem, we offer hardwood floor repair Tampa. Our professionals are experienced and educated in the restoration of damage to hardwood floors.

Even if your floors have a single cracked board, discoloration, stains, or significant damage, our process can repair the floor to make it look like a new floor. The first step we will take is assessing the damage on the floor.

With this assessment completed, our experts will guide you in making the best decisions for your unique situation by providing you with all of the options. Give us a call today to start the process of hardwood repair.

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By now, you know when it comes to wood floors, you have a wide array of options, including engineered, exotic, and real woods. You probably also know that when wood floors are adequately maintained, they can last a lifetime.

When discussing hardwood floors, we also have to recognize that hardwood floors increase your home’s value. We strive to be the best in Tampa, so we go above and beyond our customer’s expectations with information. For more information about benefits, give us a call.